The management team has extensive experience in farm management, driving asset values and extracting performance from agricultural assets and offers a wealth of international experience sourcing deals, carrying out due diligence and asset valuations, acquiring, restructuring and managing land portfolios.

Agricultural Asset Management has a global network of farm and land management capability and has established strong relationships with the agricultural industry, farmers, managers, financial institutions and Governments, but most importantly, it has developed a broad investor base with wide geographical coverage.

Our Management Team Includes:

20-year combined history as a leading international agribusiness advisor and real estate manager.

Over 130 dedicated professional staff (of which over 30 are full-time agriculturalists and over 50 are agricultural property professionals) and operates from 14 offices worldwide.

Since 2003 has had a managerial or advisory role on over 500,000 ha/$5 billion of farmland and has advised in the acquisition, marketing or sale of over $1 billion of farmland worldwide


United States


US agriculture is amongst the most productive in the world which, combined with an ageing farming population, creates potential for compelling investment opportunities. The demand for real assets, such as farmland, is increasing as investors realise the benefit they hold in mitigating the risk of inflation and diversifying their portfolios. With limited supply of arable land, US agriculture is well placed to meet this growing demand, as it is not only one of the most productive and technologically advanced farming countries in the world, but presents attractive capital returns. Government support for agriculture, and more specifically crop insurance, can provide downside protection for yield and price.

Central and Eastern Europe

Since the 1990s the agricultural sector in the region has lacked investment and lags behind that of Western Europe and other developed economies when compared to its potential. With strategic investment in farm infrastructure and management, significant improvements can be made in profitability. Agricultural Asset Management has extensive experience in the region to source, acquire and manage a diverse portfolio of crop production farms in both Poland and Romania and aims to strategically invest in farming related infrastructure to improve operational returns and enhance capital values in these countries.

United Kingdom

UK farmland assets provide reliable annual income with modest capital appreciation and due to its range of farming sectors and underlying demand on land and property assets for agriculture and diversified higher value uses (renewables, development, etc.), UK agriculture offers exposure to a secure, diversified income with additional alternative added value opportunities. Agricultural Asset Management are constantly active in seeking opportunistic investments with the intention of owning, managing and operating a mixed portfolio of agricultural assets across the UK through a variety of established land management methodologies.